KSZR (Library Supply Service System)


The II. Ferenc Rákóczi County and Urban Library supports since 2013 the population of Bosrod-Abaúj-Zemplén County higher level library supply with the actuation of the Library Supply System Service.
In 2013 the library contracted near 300 agreements (the number is continuously broadening) so the peoples have access in more and more places without travelling to new books, periodicals, information, internet.
Where there is no library room, the library bus delivers “home” not only the reading material but the internet and information as well.
The enquirer can take part on interesting programs, cultural events - organised with the contribution of the county institute - in the revolving library rooms. The library and public cultural programs which consider the local pretensions give chance for the training children for the live of the community, the inherence.

Thanks to the state aid the stations’ libraries joined the Library Supply System Service, in their informational and public rooms the computer park, digital cameras, projectors and other technical devices, furnitures, toys are continuously broadening and renewing and various fixtures are installed.

The enquirers can inquire about the books from little stations, about the documents from the Library Supply System Service on the website of the II. Ferenc Rákóczi County and Urban Library and through the County Knowledge portal with the help of the electronic catalog from home as per stations.

Further information: see County portal.