Local studies collection


Structured plan-based collecting procedure of local studies document has been taking place since 1952, when the library was founded.
We preserve in a separate collection documents concerning past (up to 1920) and present of Abaúj, Borsod, Gömör, Torna and Zemplén (castle) counties. We also gather publications with local publish, content and prints as well as works of local authors regardless of type. Books, magazines, tiny prints, registries of local official meetings, some thesis, and audiovisual materials can be found here. For presenting printing history we collect local printing products from 1948. We don’t have time and age limits for collection, we are eager to acquire all books in connection with local interest from all periods, therefore we check book auctions offers.
On the second floor in the reading room current papers, magazines, thesis papers, postcards and photos as well as CDs and DVDs, computer documents and microfilms and their digital versions can be found. Post card group of local studies collection is very rich containing about 10 000 pieces. We possess a real rarity form 1899, though publishing of postcards only started in 1896.Tiny publications, pamphlets and posters are stored in the central stockpile.
Librarians have been checking media and press regularly since 1956. In the beginning we revealed local authors’ writings and articles about local topics in registry in alphabetical order listed according to specialties. Nowadays we store the results of press check in an electronic catalogue, articles concerning county and town, archived in digital form.
Beside gathering local studies documents and information Local studies collection tasks also include extending librarian collection, selecting works digitalization, managing digitalization processes, coordinating build up of county biography base, providing access for electronic content, and updating it as well as archiving local records.

Old Books Storage

Our storage is rich in old books; we possess more than 2000 documents that have been published before 1900. Beside treasures of universal book culture we provide access to publications that were made in the first Miskolc printing company, In Kosice the Print of the University and textbooks of Sárospatak Protestant College students in a place where safe and aesthetic storage can be assured. We establish Old Books Storage in 2008 due to the tender of National Cultural Fund by acquiring furniture for storing the documents. Old Books Storage, as a part of Local Studies Collection, can only be used on the premises. For state protection resons copies cannot be made from these documents and notes can only be written with pencil, for turning pages of some of the documents visitors should use gloves.