Registration, borrowing, reservation


The basic terms of the registration: the person who would like to use the library, presents his or her identity with personal documents (personal ID, passport, new type of driving license). The below data are required:

name (by women birth name as well)
date and place of birth
mother’s name
permanent address: location, street, street number, floor, door (if you have a temporary address in Miskolc it is needed as well, but in this case you have to give a correspondence address)
if you do not have an address, you need a certificate from an organization where the letters can be delivered (casual ward etc.)
the number of the authentication document
The library asks for the following data of the readers but these are not mandatory:
phone number
e-mail address
As per the article LXII. of the 2001 law, the Hungarian who live in the neighbour states have the same rights to draw on the library’s service as the Hungarian citizens.
Foreign citizens have to show in their residence permit and passport. If the foreign citizen has no residence permit, there is a surety needed from a Hungarian citizen who is over the age of 18.

You have to be registered to use the services which can be requested for 365 days and you have to pay the amount by the tax table. For in proportion reduced tax there is an opportunity to register for a half year or semester.
After the expiration, by the validation of the reader’s card, you have to show in all documents again as by the first registration and the qualifying documents for the reduced tax.

Who registered in the central library or for the use of the whole library network, can draw on the services in all member libraries. The registration with reduced rate for the sub-network qualifies gives the right only for the use of the sub-library.

The registration (visitor’s card) is toll-free.

For further details see The rules of library use.