On-line services

Online elongation:

Through the homepage or the online catalog you have the opportunity with the use of reader’s data menu item for the loaned works’ deadline elongation if they are not reserved.

Online reservation:
Through the online catalog you can reserve the searched but lent works.

Online registration:
For the use of certain services (electronical document lending) it is maybe a temporary registration needed which you can do on the website.

Online request for book:
You can send in the online catalog chosen works with the help of the download link by e-mail to the e-mail address of the library’s service (konyvkeres@rfmlib.hu) and ask for the preparation and reservation of them.

Electronic newsletter:
The library informs regularly those library users who claims it and provided their e-mail address about the programs of the library and actual events.

Notification by e-mail:
Those registered readers who gave their e-mail address, receive a reminder e-mail about the expiration of the lending time and about the booked works’ arrival.

Interlibrary lending:
From the library’s substance you can ask online the interlibrary loan for works through the ODR portal or directly send an e-mail to kvkozi@rfmlib.hu.