The library borrows the destined part of the library for the enrolled readers which is registered in the computer system. Attachment no. 1. includes the registration fee.

The open-shelf books and the audio books can be borrowed for 21 days, the books from stock and the AV documents – videotapes, DVDs, music CDs, cassettes etc. – (maximum 4 pieces) for 1 week. The loan deadline of all documents may be elongated twice if there is no reservation for them.

The reader is entitled to borrow 10 library items at once.

From the libraries of the network it is allowed to borrow 20 documents at once.

The loan time of the popular documents can be reduced temporary for a shorter term.

The rental of some type of documents can be found in the attachment no. 1.
The books from the Local Knowledge collection and those which came out before 1900 cannot be taken out from the library. The books from between 1900 and 1945 can be loaned only by unique consideration.

For the borrowing from stock with extra charge there is a written permission necessary from one of the parents in case of a child under the age of 14.

If the library is closed, it is possible to borrow from the reference library stock. In this case the reader pays a deposit which he or she gets back by returning the book.